Sony to launch female-led ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ spin-off in 2017

According to Deadline, Sony are looking to revamp the Spider-Man franchise not only with Sinister Six in 2016, but also a spin-off focusing on a female character from the Spider-Man universe the following year.

There’s currently no word on who that could be, but Black Cat seems like an obvious suggestion (especially as Felicity Jones was introduced as “Felicia” in The Amazing Spider-Man 2). However, the likes of Spider-Girl, Spider-Woman, and Silver Sable could also be considered as viable candidates for their own movies.


Here’s what one insider told the site about this decision:

“What other movies we could do was something everyone started talking about when shooting the last movie. With Salt, Wanted and Lucy, there is a huge appetite for this right now. The one thing you can’t ignore is the fans. There was a rejection going on with having another Spider-Man come out so soon, and you have to listen to the fans in this world. We all took a good look in the mirror and said, we have to try to have to figure it out and revamp it.”

Lisa Joy Nolan (Westworld) has been hired to write the script and both Avi Arad and Matt Tolmach are producing. This is all we know for the time being, but be sure to let us know which female superhero from the Spider-Man universe you’d like to see on the big screen in the comments section below…

SOURCE: Deadline