Alex Kurtzman talks 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3', 'Venom', Black Cat and more

Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci penned The Amazing Spider-Man 2 for Sony, and with their professional relationship at an end, who exactly will write The Amazing Spider-Man 3 remains to be seen. In a recent interview with Collider, Kurtzman was asked for an update on the franchise and provided a vague update.

“It’s still in conversation. Everybody is still figuring it out. It’s all up for grabs, right now. We’re just trying to figure it out.”

This seems a little worrying, especially as the studio previously seemed to have a concrete plan in place with third movie pencilled in for 2016 and a fourth even scheduled for 2018. Could the fact that the critical and commercial response to the recent sequel wasn’t as good as they hoped have drastically changed things?

As for Venom, Kurtzman said: “Venom will come after Sinister Six, I think is the plan,” and then confirmed that he’s still attached to direct. When pushed on Black Cat – a character the site pointed out was introduced in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and would fit the criteria for the female led superhero movies many fans are demanding – he would only say the following.

“Anything is possible. We are always looking for opportunities like that. I can’t say a whole lot about it, but I wouldn’t rule anything out.”

In regards to how the spin-off’s will link up with each other and The Amazing Spider-Man 3, the Star Trek writer added:

“Everything is still on the table, right now. Because it’s a universe outside of the Spider-Man universe, even though it’s connected to it, those movies have to stand on their own. So, we’ll see. We’ll see how it goes.”

It’s hard to know what to make of these remarks. It certainly sounds like Sony are thinking things over before rushing ahead with a third movie or the planned spin-off’s, and whether or not that will involve hiring a new director to replace Marc Webb remains to be seen. Sony put a lot of money into The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and didn’t get the return they expected, so some sort of shake-up is more than likely being planned, certainly with writers if nothing else.

SOURCE: Collider