Roberto Orci talks ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 3’ departure and the franchise’s future

After working together on the Star Trek and Transformers franchises (and most recently The Amazing Spider-Man 2), writing team Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman recently revealed they were parting ways.

This obviously led to a lot of speculation about The Amazing Spider-Man 3 as they were previously attached to write that movie as well, but Orci has now confirmed that he is, “not officially involved in it.” That’s not too surprising, especially as he’s circling Star Trek 3 and Kurtzman is still attached to Venom.

However, the most interesting part about this interview is the fact that Orci strongly hinted that Sony have no firm plans in place for The Amazing Spider-Man franchise, despite the fact that a third movie should be on the way and that there has been a lot of talk about Sinister Six and Venom being released soon.

“I don’t know what their plans are for that franchise. I don’t ever want to say never, but we have to figure out what their scheduling is in terms of when they want each movie. I’ve read probably as much as anyone else. There’s a love for the Sinister Six, the idea of Venom — there’s an idea of Spider-Man’s going to be one of these characters that’s part of our business. He’s such a popular character. Spider-Man’s not going to go away any time soon. When it all happens and how and all that has yet to be determined.”

It seems unlikely, but could the disappointing critical and commercial response to The Amazing Spider-Man 3 – the studio were hoping for a gross of $1 billion worldwide – have led to Sony rethinking their plans for the franchise?

The studio got pretty far along with Spider-Man 4 before deciding to reboot, and after a string of big budget flops and some well-known financing issues, could Sony decide to take Spidey in a different direction? Probably not, and if anything, they’re likely just looking at some hiring new writers, cutting costs (The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘s budget was well over $250 million) and a new release schedule.

What do you guys think?