Marvel's Kevin Feige comments on a future Avengers/Spider-Man crossover

We all know that the chances of Spider-Man teaming up with The Avengers or X-Men are slim to none due to the fact that Sony Pictures hold the rights to Spidey, Marvel Studios owns The Avengers and Twentieth Century Fox are in charge of both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four franchises.

The only way that Spider-Man will ever fight alongside Earth’s Mightiest Heroes is if the rights were to somehow revert to Marvel Studios, similar to how Daredevil recently returned to them and is now being developed into a Netflix series.

In a recent interview, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige was quizzed on whether or not a crossover could happen, and as keen as he seems to be on making it a reality, it sounds as if The Avengers teaming up with Spider-Man is unfortunately no closer to happening than when we last heard.

Kevin Feige“It would be great, I think, to be able to have all of the Marvel characters interact one day, in a single movie with Marvel Studios, [but] I don’t think that’ll happen anytime soon. Fox is doing very well – Days of Future Past just came out, was a big hit, and was a very, very good movie. As long as they keep doing that they’ll be able to keep those rights. Sony has very long term plans for Spidey, and I think as long as they keep doing that and as long as they keep succeeding, Sony will have Spidey for a long time.”

After the critical and commercial failure of Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Sony apparently decided to just let the rights revert to Marvel, so should the same happen with The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was far from a failure, but didn’t perform anywhere near as well as expected), then that long time could become a lot shorter! It’s possible, but unlikely.

As for whether or not he thinks a crossover could happen despite the rights issues at some point in the near future, Feige added:

“I wouldn’t say anything’s impossible, I’ve been at Marvel for almost 14 years now, and it’s a very different company today than when it was a near bankrupt company just trying to get a foothold in movies when I started. So I always say nothing is impossible but I’m not sure that’s going to happen any time soon.”

Do you think we’ll ever see The Avengers and Spider-Man fighting side by side on the big screen? Be sure to let us know your thoughts below!

SOURCE: Total Film