Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton reveals that Spider-Man has gained a Royal fan

Spider-Man is idolised by children all over the world, and many of you reading this will have also grown up with the various comic books and animated series’ before the series of live-action movies kicked off back in 2002 with Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man (alternatively, Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man could have been your first big screen experience featuring the character).

However, the iconic Marvel superhero has now gained another very famous fan, as The Duchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) has been quoted as recently telling one little boy wearing a Spider-Man t-shirt during a visit to Scotland that her young son and future King of England is also a big fan of Spidey!

Five year-old Jamie Speedie was among a crowd who had gathered at MacRosty Park in Crieff to see the Duchess and Prince William, and his mother Lianne McNamara said the Duchess told her, “George has Spider-Man pyjamas but they are too big for him just now. She was saying how much her little boy has grown so big, so quickly.” How did you guys first become a fan of Spider-Man?

SOURCE: The Telegraph