Spider-Man isn't allowed into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in fun new fan-art

Ever since The Avengers was released in 2012 (the same year as Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man reboot), fans have been hoping that the iconic Marvel superhero might one day be seen on the big screen standing alongside members of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes like Captain America and Iron Man.

As we already know, the fact that Sony holds the rights to Spider-Man means that it will likely never happen, and producers on both sides have said numerous times not to expect any sort of crossover in the near future.

Perhaps that’s what makes this piece of fan-art by Mauricio Abril so much fun! He explains his inspiration for the piece below.

“I suppose this is what happens when you cross fan art with social commentary. I came up with the idea for this gag illustration after watching “The Amazing Spiderman 2″ on opening weekend, but only just now got around to finishing it. It pretty much summarizes how I felt about the new franchise, the larger Marvel cinematic universe and the realities of binding contracts.”

Do you think we’ll ever see Spider-Man and The Avengers in the same movie?

SOURCE: Mauricio Abril (via CBM)