Cinefex #138 to feature 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' cover story

Marvel fans won’t want to miss the upcoming summer issue of Cinefex, the quarterly film magazine that has been covering the field of visual effects for 35 years. Due out in mid-June, Issue #138 features a 19-page story on the making of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, including in-depth interviews with key effects artists, plus 25 behind-the-scenes photos and frame clips from the movie, many of them exclusive to Cinefex.

With two fan-favorite blockbusters in release, and great imagery from each, there are two covers for Cinefex #138 featuring Spider-Man and Captain America. You get to choose which cover you want when you purchase your copy as a single back issue direct from Cinefex. Pre-order it now, and your issue will go out with their first mailing.

Cinefex was nice enough to provide Spider-Man News with an exclusive excerpt from the upcoming issue. Check it out below:

For Spider-Man’s primary adversary — the glowing, electrically-charged Electro — visual effects assisted special makeup effects. KNB co-founder Gregory Nicotero initiated Electro concepts with KNB conceptual designer John Wheaton, producing Photoshop renderings that were then laid onto images of Jamie Foxx. We hit on a design very quickly, remarked Nicotero’s business partner, makeup effects supervisor Howard Berger, who implemented the prosthetics. We did maybe three rounds of designs. That’s unusual, but Marc Webb knew exactly what he wanted. To avoid inhibiting Jamie Foxx’s performance, the KNB team opted to create very thin prosthetics in silicone. Lead sculptor Norman Cabrera developed test makeups using lifecasts of Foxx that KNB had generated for ‘Django Unchained.’ Norman did a beautiful job on the first pass, observed Berger. We created an eight- or nine-piece makeup from that. Marc selected three colors that he liked and we ran a set of each. Makeup artist Peter Montagna and I flew to New York, and in one day we tested them on Jamie, with different dentures and contact lenses.

SOURCE: Cinefex #138