Tomorrow is National Go To Work As Spider-Man Day

To celebrate the US release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 next week, costume company Morphsuits has declared tomorrow National Go To Work As Spider-Man Day! Morphsuits has over 1.4 million “Likes” on Facebook and sells official Spider-Man costumes, as well as costumes for other Marvel characters.

Gregor Lawson, co-founder of Morphuits commented:

“Millions across the country go to work dressed in uniforms and standard office attire every day. There’s countless pieces of advice about dressing for the job you want when going for interviews, but what happens after you’ve got the job? Sit back and blend in? It might be scientifically impossible to actually have Spider-Man’s job, but with the launch of the most technologically advanced super hero costumes, we want everyone to break free and dream of bigger more marvelous things by unleashing their inner heroes.”

If it won’t get you fired, I suggest you show up at work tomorrow dressed as Spider-Man. If you do, be sure to share some photos on social media with the hashtag #GoToWorkAsSpiderMan.