'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' script made Andrew Garfield cry (video)

Yahoo! Movies sat down with the cast of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 recently. The story is so big and so emotional, that Andrew Garfield cried the first time he heard about it.

I sat with [writers] Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman in a restaurant for lunch in New York, and they pitched me this movie… And I was crying. I was really emotionally moved by what they said to me. And I think a lot of my emotion was because these two guys love the character as much as I do.

This interview has been making a lot of headlines today because Garfield said that The Amazing Spider-Man 4, set for release in 2018, doesn’t have anything to do with him. I think that Garfield, much like director Marc Webb, assumed they would be making a trilogy. Sony caught everyone, fans and cast alike, off guard when they announced The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Amazing Spider-Man 4 last summer. I would’t read too much into Garfield’s comments. If they’re making a fourth movie, I’m sure he’ll be back.

Check out the full interview above to hear more from Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, and Dane DeHaan.

SOURCE: Yahoo! Movies