'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' Comic-Con footage description

Sony’s Comic-Con panel just wrapped up and based on the descriptions, The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s presentation was nothing short of…amazing! It started off with a video that showed Andrew Garfield dressed as Spider-Man trying to make his way into the convention. After sneaking passed security Garfield makes his way into the room in front of the live crowd still dressed up in the full Spider-Man suit. Garfield talked about the movie for a bit in his costume, but then took a quick break to change into his normal clothes.

After Andrew Garfield, Marc Webb, and Jamie Foxx spoike about The Amazing Spider-Man 2, exclusive footage was shown to the audience. Here’s a recap of what was shown, courtesy of Cinema Blend:

Starts with the city. A truck coming down the street. Cops following. Truck plows through barricade. Spider-Man jumping on cop cars. Jumps onto the hood of the truck. Lets himself in. Cut to Peter arguing with [Aunt May] about doing laundry. Back to the truck. Spider-Man flies down and saves someone. It’s Max! Max says he’s nobody. Spider-Man assures him that he’s not a nobody. He’s a somebody. Then he webs the trucker to the center of the street. Max watches Spider-Man in awe. He seems awkward and insecure. He wishes he was like Spider-Man. Gwen says she loves Peter Parker more than Spider-Man. Max climbs into a tube. Gets electrocuted and then falls into a tank full of something swimming. The tank bursts. Next time we see his face, it’s glowing under a hood. “You will never be invisible again,” Harry (pretty sure) tells him. Max says he wants people to feel what it feels like to live in his world. A world without power. We see him floating and zapping people with his hands. All the lights in Times Square go out and then everything explodes. Spider-Man catches a cop car just before it lands on someone.

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like a trailer will be released online this weekend. The latest rumor is that it won’t be ready until the fall. For a break down of exactly what was talked about, check out Cinema Blend’s archived live blog at the source link below.

Update: Cinema Blend posted a great video blog detailing exactly what they saw. Check it out!

SOURCE: Cinema Blend (via Comic Book Movie)