'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' inspired by The Amazing Spider-Man #41 comic?

It’s day 69 of The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s 150+ day shooting schedule and director Marc Webb has given us a look behind the camera. He just Tweeted a photo of Paul Giamatti’s chair, along with some reading material… The Amazing Spider-Man #41 with Rhino featured prominently on the cover. We know that Giamatti is playing Aleksei Sytsevich but it’s still a mystery as to whether we’ll see him transform into Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Comic Vine has a great synopsis of the 1966 comic book, you can check it out here. Does this mean we’ll see some scenes or dialogue from The Amazing Spider-Man #41 in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man sequel? Or was Paul Giamatti just catching up on the character he’s playing in-between takes? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.