Andrew Garfield's stunt double clears up 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' costume confusion

Earlier today Andrew Garfield’s stunt double William Spencer posted a picture on Twitter of himself wearing the Spidey costume from The Amazing Spider-Man. When a fan asked if the photo was from the upcoming 2014 sequel, Spencer replied “yeah it is buddy”. Now, it appears that Spencer misunderstood the question because in follow up Tweets he explained that the photo is NOT from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 — it’s an old photo from his work on 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man. As of right now, it looks like Andrew Garfield will only be sporting the new costume which was revealed last month. It had originally appeared like Marc Webb was going to pull a page out of Christopher Nolan’s book and have Spider-Man transition to a new suit later on, like Batman did in The Dark Knight.