Shailene Woodley discusses her role as Mary Jane Watson in 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' (video)

“It’s an upcoming project,” the actress told MTV Geek at the Sundance Film Festival while promoting her latest movie, The Spectacular Now. “Spider-Man’s always been my favourite superhero since I was a little girl. There’s something really special about flying and when I watched this previous Spider-Man with Andrew Garfield, it made me feel invincible. I also cried when Uncle Ben died…I mean, I knew it was coming and I still cried!”

“I think Marc Webb is amazing,” she added. “I’m so stoked to work with Andrew and Emma, I mean, they’re the best of the best!” As for whether Woodley plans on dying her hair red to play the iconic love interest of Peter Parker, she would only say: “Assuming so…” Talking of love, should we expect to see a love triangle in The Amazing Spider-Man 2? “Honestly, I don’t know too many details about the film yet, but yeah…we’ll see!”