Marc Webb discusses the use of 3D and IMAX in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

Talking to Comic Book Resources to promote the release of The Amazing Spider-Man on DVD and Blu-ray, director Marc Webb looked ahead to the highly anticipated sequel and the role that he would like to see the IMAX format play in the follow-up. “I remember watching the abbreviated version [of the POV shot] in IMAX when I went to test the IMAX version, and I was like, ‘Shit, I should have held on it,” he told the site, adding that the scene was cut down from 40 seconds to only 12 in the first movie. “There was a real feeling in the IMAX environment that was really great. I learned a lesson then to be reverent of the IMAX experience. Maybe we’ll do cuts that are specific for the IMAX in the future, I don’t know, but there was something about that environment specifically that is unique and really exciting.”

The fact that Webb decided to shoot The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D meant that it looked considerably better than many other post-converted releases. However, despite the positive reaction to the use of the format, that doesn’t mean we should expect to see the director bow down to studio pressure to include any unnecessary and gimmicky effects. “I tend to think more about depth than stuff coming out at you. Avi Arad, my partner, is always like, ‘Have it come out at you!’ … so there’s different philosophies, even within our camp. But I don’t want people to be thinking about the 3D. I want it to enhance the sensation of feeling, and if it becomes too in your face — literally — it pulls you out of the story and becomes a gimmick,” he said. “We were very, very careful not too push it too far.”

SOURCE: Comic Book Resources