Shailene Woodley in talks to play Mary Jane Watson in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’

The Descendants

With Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy the main romantic focus in The Amazing Spider-Man, many fans had assumed that the rebooted franchise would not introduce the other great love of Peter Parker’s life; Mary Jane Watson. Well, according to VarietyThe Descendants star Shailene Woodley has entered talks to play the iconic Marvel character in the upcoming sequel. The 21-year-old actress was nominated for a Golden Globe and won an Independent Spirit Award for her performance in the George Clooney starrer and certainly seems to have the right look for a young Mary Jane.

Perhaps even more exciting is the fact that the report mentions that Sony Pictures have sent out character breakdowns to talent agencies for two other pivotal roles in the sequel. They are for an unspecified villain (rumoured to be Electro) and Harry Osborn, the best friend of Peter Parker who later becomes one of his greatest enemies when he takes on the Green Goblin mantle from his father. Kirsten Dunst played Mary Jane and James Franco played Harry in Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy, although The Amazing Spider-Man sequel would mark the big screen debut of Electro.

SOURCE: Variety