Kotobukiya - Spider-Verse - Miles Morales - Featured

Kotobukiya announces Spider-Verse Miles Morales figure

Kotobukiya has announced a new Miles Morales figures based on his appearance in Into the Spider-Verse. And the company has come up with a...

Hot Toys unveils Spider-Man Stealth Suit figure

Spider-Man: Far From Home is only weeks away from release, and Hot Toys is ready to unveil another figure from the highly-anticipated movie. The Spider-Man...
Mattel - Hot Wheels - Hot Wheels Marvel Spider Machine GP‑7 - SDCC 2019 Exclusive - 01 - SPN Featured

Mattel announces Japanese Spider-Man Hot Wheels car

Mattel has begun taking preorders for its CSan Diego Comic-Con exclusives, and there was a rather big surprise mixed in. While Mattel had announced some...

Diamond Select Toys Swings into Spider-Man PS4 with Two Figures

Diamond Select Toys has two new figures on the way based on the designs for the Spider-Man PS4 game. First up is the Rhino who...

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Shriek - Comics - Featured - 01

Shriek reportedly added to the mix of Venom 2

It looks as though Carnage may be getting a friend in Venom 2. According to sources speaking with Deadline, the current version of the script...
Disney Plus - Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends

Disney Plus will be swimming in Spider-Man cartoons

On Monday, Disney Plus announced all of the content subscribers can expect to see when the service launches. While there were over 600 movies...

Spider-Man: Far From Home Honest Trailer – Everyone wants to date May

Honest Trailers are not the be all, end all of movie criticism, but they often do raise valid points. Such as, this version of...
Sinister Six - Generic - Featured - 01

Sony hints at the arrival of the Sinister Six in the films

With Spider-Man's enemies stacking up in the live-action films, could we finally be looking at the arrival of the Sinister Six in some form?...
Shutterstock - Bob Iger - JStonevideo

Bob Iger confirms that Tom Holland helped with the Spider-Man deal

Did you believe the story that Tom Holland helped bring Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures back together? Well, you should have because he did...