Venom Crosses $500 Million at the Global Box Office

Despite the less than stellar critical reaction to Venom, it seems that audiences are enjoying the film. To date, the film has taken in over $500M at the global box office off of a $100M budget.

The even more exciting news is that Venom has not yet opened in China and Japan – the latter of which we know is excited for the release – and that is leading to some analysts predicting the total to rise to as much as $700M before it exits theaters.

The even better news is just how proitable this will make the film. A film is typically considered to hit profit when it doubles its budget. This is to account for marketing, foreign distribution fees and so on. That means that at $200M the film hit profit. By comparison, Spider-Man: Homecoming had a budget of $175M and didn’t hit profit until $350M, which it didn’t manage at the domestic box office.

If you were hoping for a sequel to Venom, especially considering the credit’s scene, it seems only a matter of time until it becomes official.