Rumor: LEGO 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' sets revealed?

New details seem to have surfaced surrounding the upcoming LEGO sets for Spider-Man: Homecoming. In a post on Instagram, user delta.customs revealed that there will be two sets, as part of the summer season of LEGO releases.

You can check out his post here below:

Both sets sounds very interesting. What stood out to us was that in Set #2, Iron Man was listed as a character. Does this indicate that we will see Tony suit up in the film? In addition, in Set #1, the bank robbers that Spidey is trying to stop have, “Avengers in their names”. What this exactly means, we’re not sure. We do however know that Peter Parker may be paying a visit to Avengers HQ, so perhaps this means we might be seeing a training exercise take place?

It is important to note that LEGO sets aren’t exactly the best way to get plot details on a movie. A good example is the now infamous Iron Man 3 LEGO set, which featured the “Final Battle” with the classic looking Mandarin on a boat. However, some LEGO sets have revealed characters and key plot events before, such as the Airport Battle set for Civil War which was leaked and revealed that Giant-Man would be in the movie. Time will only tell if these rumored LEGO sets are real, or truly show us anything that will happen in the movie.

What do you guys think about these potential LEGO sets for Spider-Man: Homecoming? Will you be picking these up? Sound off in the comments below!

SOURCE: delta.customs