Sony may sell off movie properties, could Spider-Man end up at Marvel Studios?

Sony isn’t the consumer electronics giant it once was, companies like Apple and Samsung have taken a big chunk of their market, and it seems like they may be trying to get back to their roots. Daniel Loeb, a US billionaire investor who owns $1.1 billion worth of Sony’s stock, has put pressure on the company to get out of the entertainment business and focus on making great gadgets again. Sony CEO Kazuo Hirai has confirmed to investors that Loeb’s proposal is something that they’ll consider discussing at the next board meeting.

So what does this mean for Spider-Man? Well if Sony Pictures sells off the rights to a Spidey movie, it’s very likely that Disney/Marvel Studio will pick them up. And while I wouldn’t expect to see Spider-Man swinging around with Iron Man and gang in The Avengers 2, it’s very possible that he could show up in a future Marvel film if Disney does in fact secure the rights. This is all just speculation right now, but if Sony does sell off their movie business, this could all be a possibility.

Update: /Film thinks it’s very unlikely Sony will sell off the rights to Spider-Man. Read their take on today’s news here.

SOURCE: Comic Book Movie